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Broadway Initiatives

When we kicked off the initiative in January 2008, standing on the stage of the beautiful Los Angeles Theatre, there were some who may have doubted the momentum would last. In fact, momentum has not only lasted, it has increased and continues to build.

Some may have wondered if the plan would have enough support or be able to show enough tangible results to survive – since so many plans before this one have not. In fact, Bringing Back Broadway has had a stellar first two years of accomplishments, laying the foundation for our ten-year plan.

Bringing Back Broadway enjoys widespread support – from Washington DC to City Hall, to our downtown community and the number of people involved with various aspects of Bringing Back Broadway increases everyday.  What we have achieved thus far speaks volumes about what we will be able to achieve in the coming years.

We surpassed many of our own planned milestones thus far, while learning lessons from the efforts of other cities. The initiative has grown, evolved and continued to build consensus and momentum because Broadway’s time is now.

And this is just the beginning.  There is no doubt, the first years of Bringing Back Broadway have set the stage for what we will strive to achieve in the coming years, as Bringing Back Broadway continues to evolve, grow and succeed.


Learn more about our many initiatives for the Historic Broadway District and the local community by clicking the links below:

- Streetcar

- Streetscape Plan / the Broadway Road Diet

- Commercial Reuse

- Facade Lighting

- Entertainment Overlay and Design Guide

- Business Support & Job Creation

- Broadway Arts Center

- Creative Office Corridor

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