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Process & Strategic Timeline of Streetscape Implementation

A Collaborative Effort  

The Streetscape plan was completed with significant focus and dedication from all involved, including Bringing Back Broadway, LADOT, Public Works (Bureaus of Engineering, Street Lighting, and Street Services), Cultural Affairs, the Community Development Department, and Broadway stakeholders.

At each stage of the process, Councilmember Huizar and his Bringing Back Broadway team leaders met with key Broadway stakeholders, as well as Bringing Back Broadway Trustees and various City departments and agencies, to provide feedback throughout the project process.

Public meetings were held through the project process to garner community feedback and ideas on the streetscape and input was received from hundreds of individuals, as well as city staff, business and property owners, and other stakeholders. 

Although construction of the improvements called for in this Streetscape Master Plan may occur concurrent with construction of the proposed streetcar, achieving the streetscape plan is achievable with or without the streetcar. A phased approach to implementation is planned. 

First, we are planning a phase one "dress rehearsal" of the streetscape. This will include a "road diet" for motorists and pedestrians, and temporary materials such as striping, bollards, benches and pavement materials, which will be replaced with concrete and other construction materials as funding becomes available for the hardscape construction.

This "dress rehearsal" is inspired by efforts in New York City's Time Square and Los Angeles' Sunset Triangle, where spaces have been reclaimed for pedestrian and public use, even before funding was put together to install things on a permanent basis. 




Community walking tour along Broadway.

City adopted design guide and street standards.

Joint public workshop with CDO.

City adopted Broadway Entertainment Overlay and Design Guide (CDO).

Public meeting to present preferred street configuration and design concepts. 


Environmental review completed.


Broadway Streetscape Master Plan finalized and adopted.

City Council approved $1.2M for implementation of phase one "Dress Rehearsal" to begin installation in 2014.


Phase One "Dress Rehearsal" Installation Begins

"Dress Rehearsal" installation completed

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