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Sign District

UPDATE: Broadway Sign District is going to Commission in June!

Signage is an important part of Broadway’s architectural history. Marquees on movie palaces, gracefully lettered open panel rooftop signs, painted wall signs, blade signs, and other projecting signs are an insignia of Broadway’s famous district which we want to encourage.

The Broadway Sign District is currently in an early draft form, and is meant to acknowledge and promote the continuing contribution of signage to the distinctive aesthetic of Broadway, provide economic incentives for the rehabilitation and reactivation of Broadway’s buildings, as well as control the blight created by poorly placed, badly designed signs along Broadway.

Neon will be encouraged and revenue-generating signs will be allowed on buildings which have been rehabilitated and / or which have a significant level of occupancy in the upper floors.

The Broadway Sign District Dictionary can be found at the link below:

Broadway Sign District Dictionary

The current draft of the Broadway Sign District Guidelines can be found at the link below:

Broadway Sign District Guidelines (Draft Version, PDF) - 05/07/2014

Your comments and feedback are welcome as we continue to improve upon these guidelines. We believe that the Sign District can be a major incentive to promoting the corridor's distinct aesthetic and encouraging rehabilitation and renovation of historic buildings, but we need your input to ensure that any new policy respects local residents' vision for the future of Broadway and maintains its unique character. Comments should be sent to bringingbackbroadway@lacity.org.


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